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My family
So everyone showed up today to hold me, which is nice. Much nicer than the plastic bed the nurses put me into.  Seriously, I used to have my own waterbed and now this. It's quite the come-down. One person who stands out as particularly understanding is Grandma. She doesn't know a thing about nursing, but she will hold me whenever I get tired of that bed.

Other visitors have arrived. Did you know I have more than one of these Grandma people? And  Grandpas. And apparently I have two brothers, but I'm not sure what they do exactly. Certainly they make a lot of noise. The one with the beard brought them in and I didn't know what to think. My best guess is that brothers are mechanical and that they bounce up and down on hidden springs. Will have to investigate later.

Now it is time for milk. Just me and this Mama person. Wonderful.


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