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It's been awhile since I could get back to this. After all, I walk now. Places to go, things to eat.

But I can tell you they are still crazy, all of them. This week was the worst. Little Big Brother and Big Big Brother went on and on about Halloween and candy and pumpkins. This sounded great. Little did I know what awaited me.

First, they put me in a pumpkin! A pumpkin. I walk now. I don't want to be in an a pumpkin or "smile like a nice boy" like Mama asked. Pumpkins are for smashing, not sitting.

Then the costume. They picked out this heavy robe with black ears on it. It looked nice and chewy. I was anticipating putting cupcake all over it when Mama said it was a party and I had to wear this thing! It even covered my head. Yuck.

After fussing a bit I got out of it, but then she put me in a cowboy costume. It's not so bad. It has very tasty stars.

Of course she wouldn't let me eat the stars, either. Honestly!

Not fond of Halloween so far.

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Just wait for the loot kid. And defend it against brotherly depredations...

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