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This man makes a great pillow

he One with the Beard made Mama happy by coming to visit. Apparently the trip to San Diego had to be cancelled. Big Big Brother was still spitting up. I said I did that all the time and what was the big deal? Little Big Brother agreed with me, but apparently Mama does all the driving. Little Big Brother can't even remember where the keys are, so we were stuck waiting for The One with the Beard. 

But it was nice. I got to nurse and sleep and fuss a lot and The One with the Beard held me and asked if I was teething. I didn't ask him to explain that, I just chewed on his shoulder until I fell asleep. He's a nice guy, if a bit obsessed with Tolkien. He tried to get me to watch The Two Towers with him, but I was way too comfy to pay attention to orcs.


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