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You won't believe what happened to me today
Hospitals are not good places for babies.  It was nice at first, after being kicked out of my old place, they gave me to this nice lady who let me nurse. She kept talking about how precious I was, which was weird, but she was warm and, man, milk. Have you tried milk? It's great all warm and sweet.

But then of course they took me away from that Mama person and handed me off to nurses. Let me tell you, there is no grabbier bunch of people in the world than nurses. Poking, prodding, and worst of all, nurses apparently do not let you nurse. Nothing doing. 

It was several hours and a bit of complaining from me before they let me see that nice Mama again. Then we nursed. Not so bad, but I miss my old place. Soft lights, no one shouting, and did I mention hospitals are cold?


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