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I have Superpowers
So far things have been okay with the new housemates. Just a few problems really. For one thing, they're obsessively clean. That Mama person insists that The Brothers wash their hands before they touch me. Apparently they do not know how not to play with dirt. Seems easy to me. 

They also change me a lot.  Even when I would rather eat. That Grandma is the worst. She picks me up when I'm comfy with Mama and carries me off. I've let her have it a few times. 

The worst thing is their obsession with feet. Seriously, I worked for nine months to get my feet free and out in the open air, and they stick socks on me! It takes me all night to get them off sometimes and then Mama runs around like a crazy lady, asking me what I've done with them.

Hah! I'll never tell. Time for milk.

Grandma says I'm gifted. Apparently The Brothers had a much harder time getting socks off. Little Big Brother could only manage the left foot. Buwahahaha.


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