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Mad Men
It's always nice to hang out with Mama during Mad Men time. She gets so engrossed in what she is watching that she forgets all of this burping me business and doesn't interrupt. Milk...mmmm. Of course then she gets mad when I spit up on her, but that's just part of eating, right?

Mama devoted a lot of time before we started watching Mad Men today, talking about how she nursed Big Big Brother to Buffy and Little Big Brother to Veronica Mars. Not knowing what else to do, I cooed. It's great to coo, everyone thinks you agree with them and then you get more milk. I have no idea what she's talking about when she goes on about how Big Big Brother and Little Big Brother were babies (weird), but I stare at her intently. That tactic works great  for more kisses and milk too, as long as my eyes don't cross. No one takes you seriously when your eyes are crossed.

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Just remember, milk is much better for you than what Don Draper is drinking. For now.

All this drinking and no milk? It does not make sense.

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