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My parents are crazy
I love Mama and the One with the Beard is okay too. He's a great nap buddy. But it's time to face that both of them are nuts. After the whole church incident I thought we would stop going ridiculous places with that horrid carseat, but no.

First they dragged me to see Dr. Klein. Dr. Klein knows nothing about babies and how they like to stay warm or how they need to nurse on a schedule. The Nurse (again with the nurses!) stripped me down in that freezing office to nothing but my diaper and insisted I stay that way to be "ready" for Dr. Klein. Thank goodness Mama packed a blanket. Dr. Klein  was half an hour late and I had had enough. I was nursing. She interrupted that, which just goes to show you how crazy she really is. Skinny woman. Probably doesn't make enough time to stop and have milk.

Then when they finished with Dr. Crazy, they shoved me in the car again. They told me we were taking me to see Great Grandma andGreat Grandpa and how happy they would be to see me. I decided to just wait them out and sleep as long as I could. But Great Grandma made vegetable soup and oatmeal cookies. While not as good as nursey, the food smelled incredible.

I opened one eye and then the other. Grandpa was there! He held me and didn't take me for one walk in the sun. He's learning!

But it didn't last. My parents shoved me back in the wretched car seat and proceeded to drive for hours, not knowing where they were going  and denying me a chance to nurse. Mama has her own self-serving account in her journal sekl, where she tries to lay the blame all on the One with the Beard, but don't believe her. She can get out of her carseat any time she wants. I've seen her do it.


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