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These people know how to party
Today is Big Big Brother's birthday. He is 10, which should make him old enough to go and get Mama for me when I need to nurse. Does he? No. He spent several minutes instead telling me about his "cupcakes" and how they were for his class. Right, note to self, this guy is useless to me. 

Little Big Brother came in and kissed my head as well. I begged him not to leave me with the Grandma Person who only changes me and gives me a pacifier. I need to nurse, people!

The One with the Beard is equally maddening. He asks that I not sleep on Mama's chest but in my bassinet. Dude, jealous much? Get your own place to nurse. This is my only comfort for living with you noisy people. 

However, by afternoon, life had greatly improved. There was nursing while The Brothers were at school and all of these colorful yellow balloons. Mom even put me in a yellow shirt, which was fun to look at. Apparently Big Big Brother likes yellow, so we were all going to wear it. They also had candles. Candles are lights that do not hurt. This is fascinating. I watched them for a minute or two, but then Big Big Brother remembered to blow them out. 


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