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Grandpa's Birthday
For some reason the one with the beard keeps taking me out in the sunshine. Mama says it is because I am a bit jaundiced and need the sunlight to feel better. I'm sure she's wrong. Milk is what makes me feel better. The sun is bright, brighter even than the lights in the hospital. DO NOT WANT.

The one with the beard talks to me as we walk, telling me all about how he is going to San Diego and I am to be a good boy for Mama. I'm always a good boy for Mama, so long as she feeds me. What is his problem? Has he met the Brothers?

The Brothers take turns holding me and asking me to open my eyes. They do not have milk, why should I open my eyes for them? The big one likes to ask me questions about how am I feeling, what am I thinking, then he says answers for me. This is good. Saves me having to keep up the conversation. I just wait until he is bored and then I go back to Mama. The little one asks me if I will open my eyes for him and smile. First off, I don't feel like opening my eyes. This place is better than the hospital, but I still miss my old place. This house is much too noisy. Second of all, what is a smile? Everyone keeps asking for it, but I haven't a clue what they mean.

Today was Grandpa's birthday, so Daddy invited him and other Grandma over. Mama was upset because she says I like to nurse all over the house. This is not true. I like to nurse wherever she is in the house. Daddy and Grandpa took me for two more walks in the sun, which made me hot and thirsty. Other Grandma tried to feed me a bottle, but I wasn't having any of that nonsense. I wanted Mama. 

Apparently everyone waited until I was asleep to have cake and ice cream, which is okay with me. Who wants their milk to be cold?


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