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Don't trust anyone over 4 days old
You wouldn't believe what happened to me today. Those nurses were at it again. First off Mama had to tell them that no way on earth I was getting formula. Apparently there is fake nursey for babies, who knew? Doesn't sound pleasant, I'm glad she told them off. Then, they put something warm on my foot, which was great, as the circulation in my hands and feet has been terrible since I came to this place. But the stupid nurse took it off my foot and YEOUCH! She stuck it. I was bleeding! I called for Mama, but before that grabby nurse would hand me back, she took some of my blood.

The day only got worse. More nurses showed up and glued stuff to my head. They said it was to test my hearing, but I hear Mama say "Hi Baby" just fine. There was no need to interupt my milk time for this sort of indignity. Ping, ping, yes I can hear the high pitched sounds, now please let me go back to Mama. But no, they had to take the stuff off my head (I was fine with keeping it) and they took my hair with it. I let them know this was unacceptable.

Mama said we were going home, which I thought would be nice, but the one with the beard showed up and stuffed me into a seat. He said he was sorry but he had to do it  so they could take me home. I see the hand of Nurses in this.

We left the hospital behind only to come home to the Brothers. They sure wanted to do a lot of talking and holding when all I wanted to do was nurse. Mama says they love me, but if they love me, why are they interrupting the milk?


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