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It's been awhile since I could get back to this. After all, I walk now. Places to go, things to eat.

But I can tell you they are still crazy, all of them. This week was the worst. Little Big Brother and Big Big Brother went on and on about Halloween and candy and pumpkins. This sounded great. Little did I know what awaited me.

First, they put me in a pumpkin! A pumpkin. I walk now. I don't want to be in an a pumpkin or "smile like a nice boy" like Mama asked. Pumpkins are for smashing, not sitting.

Then the costume. They picked out this heavy robe with black ears on it. It looked nice and chewy. I was anticipating putting cupcake all over it when Mama said it was a party and I had to wear this thing! It even covered my head. Yuck.

After fussing a bit I got out of it, but then she put me in a cowboy costume. It's not so bad. It has very tasty stars.

Of course she wouldn't let me eat the stars, either. Honestly!

Not fond of Halloween so far.

Anyone want a kitty?
Managed to convince Mama that I needed to nurse last night. This teething thing is terrible, my gums hurt, I don't feel good, and my brother told me to stop biting him. Sure it's "I love you James" and "You're a good baby, James" but are they there for you when you just need to chew on their arms? Different story. 

Anyway was hanging out with Mama, nursing, when kitty came and sat on my head. Okay she rested her big fluffy butt on my head, but it was still very annoying. I had to keep turning to give her the evil eye, and then Mama would get mad. Apparently she thinks I could just ignore kitty. Nothing doing. 

What is it with everyone putting things on my head. Kitty is just too far! 

So, who wants a kitty? She's practically free. Just pay me in pacis. 

The Hat Strikes Back

ama took me to the bus stop again today. I told her after sitting in the cold for half an hour yesterday, The Brothers could just forget about school today. She went on and on about being a good baby and it would be okay. It's not okay to sit in the mist waiting for a bus. The Brothers don't even want to go to school, Lady.

Worst of all she put me in Great-Grandma's hat. Apparently this hat belonged to Little Big Brother until he found a way to escape it. Now it is on my head. What is with this family and putting things on my head? First pie dough, now a wool hat! People this has got to stop. 

Party at my Place!

ama said this was the last day of going to the Horsepark for me. Wheeee. No more telling the horses not to eat my shirt. The One with the Beard will apparently be taking Big Big Brother to the Horsepark and Little Big Brother and I can stay home. I know I will be nursing. I guess Little Big Brother will have to find a way to entertain himself. 

It had crossed my mind to invite Katherine and Other James to my house so I could show them how awesome my play yard is, however, Katherine is pretty smug about crawling and Other James might want to chew on my toys. That is so not cool. I'll have to think who to invite. They need to respect my stuff and be able to pick me up. Hmm...

This man makes a great pillow

he One with the Beard made Mama happy by coming to visit. Apparently the trip to San Diego had to be cancelled. Big Big Brother was still spitting up. I said I did that all the time and what was the big deal? Little Big Brother agreed with me, but apparently Mama does all the driving. Little Big Brother can't even remember where the keys are, so we were stuck waiting for The One with the Beard. 

But it was nice. I got to nurse and sleep and fuss a lot and The One with the Beard held me and asked if I was teething. I didn't ask him to explain that, I just chewed on his shoulder until I fell asleep. He's a nice guy, if a bit obsessed with Tolkien. He tried to get me to watch The Two Towers with him, but I was way too comfy to pay attention to orcs.

Turkey Day

This is my first Thanksgiving. I got to sit next to Mama and watch all this great food being served, but The One with the Beard did not notice my pleas for food. He gave everyone else a plate and I watched soooo intently, hoping for a morsel, but no. Only Mama noticed how much I wanted the food. After all I spit out my paci and fussed. What more does a I guy need to do to get attention.

She let me taste Turkey. I have to say I'm still pondering the flavor. Definitely not like nursey or even fake nursey, and to be honest, that is all my palate currently has to go on. Why people need more than milk and a paci is a bit beyond me, but they seemed to have fun.

And on one got to throw dough on my head. A good day.

Too much pie

Big Big Brother and Little Big Brother made pie today. Mama said it was good that they stayed busy. She's a nice lady and all but she's nuts. Look what they did to me. First they tried to throw "snowballs" of pie at me then THIS happened when Mama said "No throwing pie at the Baby!"

Yep, I am so going to break all their stuff with my gums. Just a few more months and their Legos are my breakfast.

Love My Big Brother

At least Big Big Brother gets it. Mama asked him to change me, but instead he takes my picture to show his friends how handsome I am. Someone in this family isn't crazy. I really don't need a change. Now if only Big Big Brother knew the first thing about nursey, we'd be somewhere.  However, he gets props, he knows where my pacifiers are.

Wound waaay too tight
Don't get me wrong, Mama's okay as people go, but definitely wound way too tight. Last night I talked her into some late night musings and nursey and I guess I put her to sleep. Not a problem I nursed as I wanted to, a sip here, a sip there. But milk is so much more than food. It's heavenly. So I kind of let her sleep while I covered my face in it. And half of my pooh-bear sleeper. And maybe a pillow or two.

Anyway Mama woke up asking me why I didn't wake her and how could I just sit there giggling. But you know, milk is funny. And who needs a dry pooh bear sleeper anyway? I prefer mine with a bit of flavor. Makes them easier to chew when fingers aren't available. 

Not a cub scout
What could be dumber than taking a baby to a cub scout meeting? I was having such a nice day too. Mama decided to work from home, so when I told Mayra NURSEY! she knew just what to do instead of panicking and giving me that dumb old bottle. I was so pleased with Mayra that I didn't spit up once on her. 

But then it was time to take Big Big Brother to cub scouts. First Mama made him dress up in a plaid hat and tie, which I felt made him hard to focus on. Then she shoved me in the car seat. I hate that carseat. Why do people put babies in buckets. Little Big Brother begged me not to cry, but he's not the one in a bucket. Forget it, kid, I have legitimate complaints.

Then it was off to Saratoga Sub Acute, which was okay so long as we were outside watching Big Big Brother play obstacle course. I found it all very confusing but fascinating. Then it got dark. BORED. Plus my tummy hurt. 

I tried nursing, but that didn't work.  

Little Big Brother tired kissing my forehead. Boy did that not work.

Eventually I felt more comfy and went to sleep, but when I woke up we still weren't home. It was at that point I had to bring out the big fuss guns. Seriously people, no one takes a baby out to these sorts of places. I don't care if you have Citizenship badgers to earn. No one likes badgers anyway. They have long claws.

Finally we went home and I got to watch my mobile and listen to tunes. Whew, what a stupid day.