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Anyone want a kitty?
Managed to convince Mama that I needed to nurse last night. This teething thing is terrible, my gums hurt, I don't feel good, and my brother told me to stop biting him. Sure it's "I love you James" and "You're a good baby, James" but are they there for you when you just need to chew on their arms? Different story. 

Anyway was hanging out with Mama, nursing, when kitty came and sat on my head. Okay she rested her big fluffy butt on my head, but it was still very annoying. I had to keep turning to give her the evil eye, and then Mama would get mad. Apparently she thinks I could just ignore kitty. Nothing doing. 

What is it with everyone putting things on my head. Kitty is just too far! 

So, who wants a kitty? She's practically free. Just pay me in pacis. 


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