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Again, Lady?
Mama is very nice, but I don't know what her obsession is about church. We went again. The Brothers were ecstatic and telling me there would be a slide, but I never saw any slide. All I got was Katherine lording it over me that she is six months old and can lurch around after the big kids. I worked my arm up to grab the bow off of her smug head, but by then she was gone. Just wait, though, I'll show her.

At least in the Mother's Room there is nursey. Mama insisted on this ridiculous blanket that has monkeys and ghiraffes and elephants on it. Who needs that staring at you as you're trying to eat? Worst of all, the bigger James came and named all the animals for me. Thanks, but I'm trying to eat here.

All the adults thought I was adorable and tried to hold my hands. I fixed them by going fast to sleep. 

In my dreams I dreamed of nursey, but when I woke up, pacifier. For a gal who rants against formula as fake nursing, she sure is a hypocrite. I ask you, a pacifier? And worst of all, that was all there was through this "service" business. She didn't nurse me until we were home again. From there the day improved.


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