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Looking for a new place

It's come to my attention that I need to fire Mama. Against my wishes she took me back to what smelled very much like the hospital. She called it the Mountain View doctor's office, but I wasn't fooled.  Dr. Chen was there and she said I still looked orange.  All those walks in the sun were for nothing, just as I suspected.

Then the one with the beard picked me up and we went to another room. He gave me to Mama and wandered off with Little Big Brother, who has a cold. They apparently were going to talk to some fish.  I hope Little Big Brother doesn't put them on the spot the way he does me.

Great, I thought, with them gone it is time for some serious nursing to make up for all this wasted time. But Mama instead let the nurse put something warm on my foot. It took me a minute to remember why that was a bad idea. Sure enough, as soon as the nurse took off the nice foot warmer, she stuck me in my foot! What is wrong with these people? And she took my blood.

That's it. I will definitely have to look for a new place to live and fire this Mama person. I wish I could go back to my life as it was a week ago. Everything was so much less complicated.


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